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Picking to Picnic

What better way to bid a hot summer day adieu than by having a picnic dinner? The objective: simple and seasonal. The reasoning: just because. Last night B and I packed up a brown paper bag of curry chicken and … Continue reading

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Ramp & Apple Bacon Jam

Being known to have a few pieces of bacon as my sole sustenance for a meal, one could say I am one of millions (or billions) of bacon dedicatees out there. Even though bacon has hit the trend radar and … Continue reading

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Falling for your Market

Temperatures are cooling by the day and the leaves have nearly all fallen onto the sun-warped earth.   Here in Boston the selections at the farmer’s markets are not only changing with the colors of the foliage, but they are also … Continue reading

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Fallternal Twin Soups

Pumpkins are not merely a favorite fall canvas for carving funny faces and frightful scenes, first and foremost these blazing orange bulbs are food (!). If you can look past their use as spooky porch decorations, and (bien sûr) their … Continue reading

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Blue Bites

‘Tis the season for blue.  Blueberries that is.  In excitement to kick off another season of New England U-picking, J and I headed to Ipswich, Massachusetts in search of August’s ideal bursts of blue. Ever since moving to the northeast … Continue reading

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The Next Cheese Frontier: Halloumi

A guest blog by, Madeline McLean (sister) Since living in London, and traveling once to Syria, I have been involved in a some what serious love affair with a rather specific kind of cheese: halloumi.  Nicknamed appropriately as the “squeaky … Continue reading

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Jim’s Tomatillo Salsa

This delicious and very green (and I mean the color not the fad) recipe was passed on via my great uncle, Jim.  It’s a must try this time of year when tomatillos are in the height of their ripening.  Interestingly, … Continue reading

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Home on the Front Range

Like for many, when I am home I am grounded. I feel centered by the mountains, relaxed by the clement air, excited by the company of family and of course the food we make together.  I can’t conjure up many … Continue reading

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Minted Milk

Simplicity is summer’s adjective.  From where I sit typing in my kitchen I see the bottom hem of a blue and white striped skirt through slats in a deck one story above my own apartment.  Green herbs and other various … Continue reading

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Homemade Granola and its Cameo in a Summer Dessert

Granola is one of those foods that you never think, “hmm, I could make that.”  Granola, or any cereal for that matter, is simply one of those things you always just buy.  While buying granola is the fastest way to … Continue reading

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