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Wrapping Up the Year

The months have floated by and the celebrations of dressing up and stuffing our bellies have come and gone. Now ‘tis the season to give! For the food and wine-minded the obvious gifts to give are those that are perishable … Continue reading

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Bringing in August with Blueberries

Reaping these opaque orbs takes little effort and proves a therapeutic pastime. Blueberries, like grapes, grow in tight clusters, making for efficient picking, about six pints per hour to be exact. Recipe ideas for blueberries usually come in the form … Continue reading

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Strawberry Fields

Strawberry season is just about on its way out, but before its goes be sure to take in all you can of these bursting red lanterns! For the first time, I went and picked my own, and did so (of … Continue reading

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Chia Seed Summer Sorbet

I think we can all agree that come spring we naturally begin to crave lighter fare. I have personally become quite attached to my new blender, whipping up juicy, super-food packed smoothies for my morning commute. Since a dawn jog … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pear Mini Pies

Autumn in New England penetrates the air at an ideal rate. Each day the mean temperature drops by roughly one degree, so that by the time mid-October rolls around we are all well acclimated to brisk and rosy-cheek inducing temperatures … Continue reading

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Blue Bites

‘Tis the season for blue.  Blueberries that is.  In excitement to kick off another season of New England U-picking, J and I headed to Ipswich, Massachusetts in search of August’s ideal bursts of blue. Ever since moving to the northeast … Continue reading

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Home on the Front Range

Like for many, when I am home I am grounded. I feel centered by the mountains, relaxed by the clement air, excited by the company of family and of course the food we make together.  I can’t conjure up many … Continue reading

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Homemade Granola and its Cameo in a Summer Dessert

Granola is one of those foods that you never think, “hmm, I could make that.”  Granola, or any cereal for that matter, is simply one of those things you always just buy.  While buying granola is the fastest way to … Continue reading

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Oozing Choco-Banana Muffins

What’s a more classic combination than chocolate and banana? I had both lying around and decided to add another love of mine, peanut butter.  This recipe yields sweet muffins that have a potent distribution of the three flavors.  They’re easy … Continue reading

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