Anabelle McLean

I am Anabelle, Annie, Belle, Belly, or Anabee–a student, a writer, a traveler, a lover of food. Born and raised in the powdered sugar-capped Rocky Mountains I grew up with two things on my mind: 1) snow and swishing down it at chillingly high speeds, and 2) simmering, bubbling, baking homemade meals.

I now hail in urban New England where I recently graduated from Boston College with a BA in  Communication Journalism. My degree and future plans to attend culinary school will hopefully land me in a life where I will be paid to eat and write. This blogsite boasts as my practice forum and jumping off point into the world of food journalism.

Here you will find everything from food chronicles and stories, tips and advice, and restaurant critiques, to recipes I’ve concocted and photographs I have snapped in my single-bedroom apartment that’s equipped with one two-leafed, ocean blue kitchen table, an ancient Hardwick gas stove, and a collection of cookbooks and mismatched, vintage silverware.

Anabelle McLean

Why Best Bites? In our family, when eating out we ask one another for a “best bite” as a way for each of us to taste every ordered dish.  A best bite consists of a perfect ratio of all components of that dish teetering just right upon fork or spoon.

Many of my foodie adventures are shared with family and friends, so in my posts I will often refer to tag-alongs by the first letter of their name.

Why cook?  Food and eating is one of very few activities that we all have in common and do almost constantly, so why not make each time you eat an event brimming with beauty and flavor? Sharing and eating are inextricable affairs, so I hope too that you can share your stories and recipes with myself and other readers. Email me your posts (see contact page) and I will upload them to the site.

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