Strawberry Fields

spring strawberries

Strawberry season is just about on its way out, but before its goes be sure to take in all you can of these bursting red lanterns! For the first time, I went and picked my own, and did so (of course) with my foodie partner in crime, J.

u pick strawberries

We stocked up on a whole flat of strawberries before heading to a nearby beach, making for a perfect June Saturday.  The next day we planned a brunch with strawbs aplenty.

fresh strawberries

Pureed and strained strawberry juice made for the perfect seasonal mimosa. To accompany, we cut up the fresh strawberries and placed them (and some mint) atop sweet toasts and liberal spreadings of mascarpone cheese. Crunchy, juicy and so sweet, these simple toasts showcased the spring fruit and proved you don’t need to do anything fancy to fully enjoy a sun-ripened berry.

strawberry toast with mascarpone and mint

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