Restaurant Review: Myers + Chang

Restaurant interior

Enter Myers + Chang and find yourself in a world of bubbly whimsy. Pink and white clusters of Chinese lanterns bobble along one wall of the restaurant’s bright and charming interior. Opposite this wall stands a long bar top where diners sitting in bubble gum pink chairs can look over their food’s preparation. This open kitchen concept allows for a casual yet hip experience. Stainless steel tables and a several high top counters make up the remaining seating options, all of which are set under the watchful eye of a crimson dragon stickered onto the room-length windows.

Opened by Boston famed pasty chef, Joanne Chang and husband Christopher, Myers + Chang has become a friendly, funky, and fiercely scrumptious staple in Bean Town’s south end. Here you’ll find the real kind of Asian food, the kind you can’t just get in a take-out box. The menu is Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thai inspired—even the cocktail menu reflects this eclecticism. The Luckiest Kitty is a spritely and citrusy mixture of sake, St. Germain, and grapefruit. Sake also makes a cameo in the Asian mojito.

entrees and appetizers at myers and chang

As for the food, don’t come in too too hungry as this will turn out much like grocery shopping on an empty stomach. The menu is filled with familiar dishes with unexpected twists. Take the spare rib appetizer—these four meaty bones are tea-smoked and as tender as great duck confit. The smoke makes these spare ribs akin to an excellent jerky for not only the flavor but also the slightly glazed top.

noodle entree at myers and chang

The Beef and Broccoli Chow Fun is one of those dishes to be ordered over and over again. Wide rice noodles are wok-charred and give off the most warming, charcoal grill flavor. Charred and wilted broccoli and onions slither throughout the browned beef and noodles making this bowl hearty and filling.

For a lighter meal or lunch entrée I recommend the Thai Ginger Chicken Salad. Bright flavors of lemongrass make this a refreshing green salad alternative, while the dressing invokes just enough spice to keep this light option interesting. Myers + Chang is also known for their ramen, which is one of the few great noodle bowls of its kind in all of Boston. And every one of their daily specials that I’ve tried have yet to fail my taste buds.

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