Goat’s Milk Butter, Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Goat Milk Butter toast with beets

Have you ever had one of those food Duh! Moments? When you wonder how in the heck you could have traveled so far down your gourmand path without coming across something so simple yet remarkable? Well, I had one of those the other day. While roaming around the likes of fresh pastas, imported anchovies, and English mustard in a tube in a new favorite Boston food shop, Dave’s, I came face to face with a shop sample: Goat’s milk butter on toasts.  The butter was glistening as it just barely melted with the heat of the bustling store. It tasted buttery, goaty, and creamy all at once. Duh! How had I never had or thought up the idea to find such a simple sounding ingredient? I’ve been to farms all over the globe, but yet right here at home I tasted for the very first time a butter made from tangy goat’s milk.

I wouldn’t per se substitute goat’s milk butter in normal butter’s usual place in baked goods. No, I thought, this farmy, almost potent ingredient deserves to star among the company of savory foods. To find out if this hunch proved correct, I came up with a simple snack to put the goat butter to the test. Beets and goat cheese are a classic, almost hackneyed, combo, so beets and goat’s milk butter must surely like hanging out.

It turns out goat’s milk butter slathered on thick toast topped with lightly steamed then thinly sliced beets, cracked pepper and salt makes for a goat to have snack. Bad pun. Great bite.

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