Apple Ginny

As I welcome the change into winter with open, fleece-covered arms, I realize that most are reluctant to see the summer is being set aside to cool. As autumn does creep in, this spritely drink will help you hold onto the last bits of summer. Apple-inspired but far from pie, this cocktail involves infusing your favorite gin with fresh-picked, fall apples.

apple orchard and apple ginny ingredients

I added one sliced Macoun apple to a mason jar, filled the jar to the brim with an extra dry gin. Lid on, I popped the jar in the fridge to let the apple infuse for several hours. I strained out the then browned apples and chilled the remaining gin in the freezer while I prepared the rest of the drink.

In the bottom of a glass I muddled several slices of fresh ginger with a blob of clover honey. I added ice and then two parts tonic water (or soda water) with one part apple-infused gin. The result—a perfect sunny afternoon cocktail breeding just a hint of apple flavor yet a full sensation of its crispness.

Add a splash of apple or sparkling apple juice to deepen the apple-y flavor. Try infusing apples into vodka or even a whiskey for a real winter warmer.

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