Picking to Picnic

Curry Chicken Sandwiches with tomatoes What better way to bid a hot summer day adieu than by having a picnic dinner? The objective: simple and seasonal. The reasoning: just because.

Last night B and I packed up a brown paper bag of curry chicken and tomato sandwiches, potato pea and onion salad, cherries, and chilled white wine.

B whipped up the curry chicken sandies by first baking chicken strips basted in olive oil and curry powder. Once cooled, he chopped and swirled the chicken in a big bowl with spicy dijon, creamy mayo, and chopped peppery arugula. The mixture was layered liberally on toast and studded with ripe, august tomatoes. Meanwhile, while sipping a Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner to help seduce my sweat to cool, I butter and olive oil sauteed some fingerling potatoes in my beloved, blue Le Creuset pot. Once fully cooked through, I sprinkled in fresh peas, sliced red onion, a dash of cream, and a splash of white balsamic vinegar. We gathered some Rainier cherries and red Solo cups and were out the door.

Fingerling Potatoes

Larz Anderson park of Brookline (Massachusetts) is among one of the best urban green plots I have come across in the city. Rolling green hills, ancient trees and a fountain pond all help make this place a romantic dream of a picnic spot. While kiters flew kites and as the sun slowly snuggled beneath the tree tops, B and I noshed on our summer fixings.


Why you should picnic too: the prep was no longer nor shorter than a normal mid-week supper, it’s a great excuse to split a bottle of wine on a wednesday, dishes to do are fewer, and you just may go to sleep a little happier.

Sunset and cherries at the park

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2 Responses to Picking to Picnic

  1. What a delightful post – and inspiring to boot. Summer is just beginning in Malibu – the best beach days seem to come in September when the crowds are gone, the marine layer is at bay, and the days are lazy and sunny. So I’ll pack my picnic then, and think of you. LOVE your photography!!

  2. belle says:

    Happy picnic-ing, Bridget :)

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