Bon for Me, Bon for You

Bon Me noodles and pork

In a town on the precipice of foodie-dom, Boston’s winding streets are even starting to see the likes of good eats.  Over the past year, a whole slew of new food trucks, vans, and carts have begun humming.  A new favorite, Bon Me, is among the upper echelon of truck choices.

I’ve tasted the banal, the trying-too-hard, the too-far-out-to-taste-decent, and the in-betweens of on-the-go grub.  Bon Me not only ranks high on the Boston food truck excellence podium, but its food is also better than most found in Vietnamese establishments around this city.

Even more impressive, the menu is simple and tight.  Choose a protein, a carb, and a sauce.  Go with the bread for a classic Banh Mi option, vermicelli noodles for those Bun fans out there, or rice if you’re simply feeling simple.  Sauce choices vary from the sweet and tangy Vietnamese fish sauce, to the salty and tart miso-lime, to the toasty sesame vinaigrette.  Mix and match to create custom concoctions worth guzzling up.

Don’t forget to sip on one of Bon Me’s tastefully crafted drink choices.  I can attest that their spicy ginger lemonade is brewed with fresh and potent ginger.  Their attention to good ingredients shows how this meal on wheels packs a satisfying punch.

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  1. Heidi McLean says:

    Nice bites. Makes me want to move to Boston!

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