When Life Hands You Limes…



…You make margaritas! As summer is encroaching like a warm, sunny, and rapidly-moving tidal wave, some of the few happy thoughts zigzagging across my mind include al-fresco happy hours and fresh, light, summer meals.  To address the former here is a simple yet oh-so refreshing drink recipe for the tequila fiends out there (you know who you are!)

A recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard inspired the need for a zippy cocktail.  Zippy because the sun was shining mightily, and a cocktail to celebrate my recent graduation from Boston College. (Not that I really need an excuse anyhow).

This twist on the classic packs an effervescent punch with crisp ginger beer as a main ingredient, and for a citrusy spike, a dash of orange juice.

You need:
A good quality Tequila (I use Patron Silver or Sauza Commemorativo)
Your favorite ginger beer, non-alcoholic (I use Ithaca Soda Co. brand)
Orange juice
Fresh lime

To make:

Add 1 part tequila to 2 parts ginger beer.  Add a splash of orange juice and the juice of one lime.  Stir. Serve over ice.


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One Response to When Life Hands You Limes…

  1. Gordon McLean says:

    What no Grand Marnier!?

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