Collaboration in Cooking

One year ago I was shopping in the Newton Whole Foods in Boston, buying the citrus fruit Buddha’s Hand for a marmalade recipe I would be testing.  While checking out, a woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked what in the heck this yellow, finger-like fruit was that lay ominous in the conveyer belt.  We got to chatting.  She, Deborah Chud, a fellow Boston food blogger took me under her wing and I’ve been working with her ever since.

About this time last year Deborah started up a project to create a food & cooking app for young, college-aged people (like me).  Weeks after our fateful crossing I became an aesthetic consultant for the app’s developmental design stages.  Early on this year I began to help with the marketing by creating some buzz about Trufflehead on the Boston College campus.

This past thursday evening that marketing took physical form as Deborah, my mentor and food guru, and I did a cooking collabo demonstration of a recipe of mine published in the app: Sweet Potato Tomato & Chickpea soup.  (view & cook it once the app comes out this spring!)

Trufflehead will be launching this spring, but in the meantime visit their landing page at where you can download a free e-book with sample recipes. You can also view the Trufflehead animation on YouTube.

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