On Cutting Edge of Boston Sandwiches

sandwiches and chipsWho doesn’t crave a great sandwich? It’s a lunchtime staple and for practical reason. With infinite combinations any, and everyone’s, cravings can be satisfied.

Setting out for a lazy day, weekday brunch, B and I decided instead to visit an old favorite of mine, Cutty’s.

At this 1-year old sandwicheria in Brookline, Boston a foodie’s palate is undoubtedly tantalized.  This place is basic and clean-cut by feel but its food complex and intense by taste.  Set in an almost hidden nook along Washington street, Cutty’s exterior is not quick to catch by eye.  But once inside, the open and bright room immediately becomes an airy sanctuary fit for a sublime eating experience.  White walls, stainless steel countertops, and a chalkboard menu are the few and simple accessories set within the eatery.

For me: the greens shallot sandwich, the wheat berry + beet salad and a small satchel of homemade chips, and for B: the Roast Beef 1000 …and half of the contents of my chip purse. Not missing meat a bit in my collard greens and saffron mayo stuffed ciabatta bites, I chewed over the concept of a completely protein-less sammy–no tofu sponge, chickpea mash, or the like.  The deep green greens were so rich with their own natural meatiness and earth-like complexity, no need to bolster it with a makeshift meat imposter.  Besides, I had B’s stacked-ceiling-high roast beef-stuffed bun within reach.   The glazed brioche bun was a sweet topper to the juicy layers of savory meat, creamy cheddar and 1000 island. I shuddered to think I had a previous aversion to roast beef sandwiches.

The wheat berry beet salad was slightly on the boring side with its vinaigrette lacking in pungency. Nonetheless, it was one more opportunity to grasp a fresh, fibrous bite before indulging in Cutty’s addictive, golden chips.  Fried to airy perfection, these golden coins are more akin to rice puffs than your typical greasy potato side.   If not to make the trek to Cutty’s for their outstanding sammy’s, these chips are worth more than admission and are a true excuse.

Wrapping up the meal and chatting with the friendly staff, B decided that just one of these gourmet sandwiches wasn’t going to cut it.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  A shared indulgence into the spunkie yielded eyebrow raises as the surprisingly zingy olive-carrot salad, deep humms of approval for the gooey hand-pulled mozzarella, and meaty smiles from the spicy capicola and licoricey salami.  Dessert in the form of a spectacular sandwich, like Cutty’s as a whole, is not to be underrated.




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